The Three Tenors Christmas


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This dvd is great entertainment no matter what the faults; and absolutley worth having as what will most likely the last time the tenors are released on DVD together. The air is light and the old guys are obviously enjoying themselves more than in the paris concert the year before.Domingo is the clear best in this concert. He is 100x better than the year before in paris. He is sleak and younger looking; his voice not missing a beat. The instrument is just as glorious as it was for the first 3 tenors concert. He is getting up there in years and his voice shows no sign of going away. He sings with a dark and soothing tone all night annd some of his performannces are really quite memorable; and understandable. His english is charming and excellent. Bravo Placido!Carreras sounds much better than he did in paris. I might even go as far as to say that his middle range is more solid than in los Angeles in 1994; but his high notes weren't there in Vienna. It was refreshing to see him in this concert because he comes off as an artist; not as someone who was an artist before he blew out his voice and started wobbing his way through showy and glitzy galas playing off of his former talent. The main difference is he stays within his limits; he sings above the staff only twice all night and keeps away from his warbling fortissimo's as much as possible. There is no doubt the voice that rocked opera in the early eighties is gone; but he presented a charming, well rounded baritenor sound only slightly warbly. His piano's are still graceful and his solo is surprizingly solid. His reapearence on the opera stage in SLY appears to have brought his voice into a cohesive unit again. He also looks much more charming with undyed hair.Pavarotti sounds like Pavarotti. He sings a billion high notes and his tone is still spinning like a much younger man. Beyond his great sound the concert is a failure for him. His pronuciaton is a mockery of english. Words roll out of his mouth like drool which ruins the unbroken legato with which he usually sings. This is expecially bad in the more classical nummbers like O holy night. He also fails to bring the same amount of energy that the other two bring. But look at it this way: His doing well for a man in his late 60's. I know alot of them who are in nursing homes; So its all relative. I tip my hat to a sextagenarian popping off high notes with relative ease.The mood is light and the singing is fabulous. There are some pronuciation isssues, but overall the tenors stay within their aging voices and give a good performance.

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